Sunless Tanning



Our Sunless Line-up

The Norvell Auto Revolution utilized iNTELLiSPRAY Technology within its “smart booth” design. Equipped with body sensors, the booth calibrated the tanning session based on the height of the client, creating a completely customized session. The Revolution;s recirculation down-draft technology works with gravity, pulling solution downward, while warming and comforting the skin, creating a spa like feel. This one-of-a-kind heated environment activates the DHA within the Norvell iNTELLiSPRAY Solution, virtually jump starting the tanning process.


2 Position Spray Session

 No need for special dance instruction or elaborate movements. The Revolution moves while you stay put. Two easy positions (face front, face back) ensures a beautiful even application of sunless color.

Virtually No Dry Time

 With the open front design, and recirculation down-draft technology, the air around the client is in constant motion; therefor, the skin is being dried during the sunless session. Little to no drying time or post session toweling is necessary once the session has ended.

Just off the beach color!



In less than a minute, the fully automated Magic Tan Spray Booth’s 36 non-moving spray heads evenly sprays a fine mist of DHA and bronzing solution over the entire body. The sunless ingredient, DHA, begins to react naturally with the skin to create an even, golden brown tan, that will last up to one week. Because the entire process is UV-free, clients that are sensitive to sunlight or experience freckling and blemishes are free to get the tan they’ve always wanted!


Norvell’s Sunless Airbrush Spray Tan is the leader in sunless spray tanning.

• Natural color results for any skin type! Norvell’s formula offers a beautiful instant bronze with a smooth transition to a natural tan across a broad spectrum of skin shades and tones.

• Not just a tan, it’s a healthy skin treatment, too! With a skin firming formula, it builds and restores the skins matrix, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The highly concentrated antioxidant blend combats daily skin damage.

• Fast drying, non-sticky and streak-free!

• No “orange” color development!

• Lasting results! Clients that follow the easy spray tanning tips can expect 5-7 days of gorgeous “just off the beach” color!


A Certified Spray Tan Technician will be there to guide you and make you feel comfortable as you see yourself become bronzed right before your eyes!




Before your Visit

1. Exfoliate throughly prior to your UV Free tan.

2. Shave within 24 hours prior to the session.

3. Make sure skin is dry and clean.

4. No deodorant, creams, perfumes or makeup.

5. Wear loose fitting, dark colored clothing.

6. Avoid tanning on a rainy day or be prepared with an umbrella and a rain coat.

1. DO NOT shower, sweat or swim for at least 8-10 hours after your session.

2. Shower with a moisturizing body wash.

3. Avoid bar soap or Dove products which may dry or exfoliate your skin. You do not want to exfoliate.

4. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!! The healthier you keep your skin, the longer the tan will last.

5. When you need to shave, use a new razor.

Sunless Tanning FAQ’s

How does the Sunless tanning process happen?

Our sunless tanning solution works by creating a response with the top layers of skin. Our solution containing the highest quality DHA (dihydroxyacetone), erthulose and aloe vera is finely misted onto the skin, which then reacts naturally with the protein in the top layers of the skin creating a golden bronze, healthy and soft, streak-free color.

What is DHA?

Dihydroxyacetone is derived from a vegetable source, most likely sugar beets. Some German scientists in the 1920’s were experimenting with DHA (it’s used in the x-ray process) and noticed it turned the skin brown. In 1960, Coppertone introduced QT or Quick Tanning, a product that almost single-handedly destroyed the market for decades. In the 1970’s the FDA added DHA to their list of approved cosmetic ingredients. Then sometime in the 1980’s the cosmetic companies found a better way to produce better results (browner, less orange) with DHA. The secret: better refining process now produces high quality, more predictable DHA.

Does the Sunless turn the skin orange?

No! In the past, self-tanners gave many individuals an unnatural orange glow and caused streaking. Most of these undesirable results were caused by improper or ineffective application techniques. Applying creams and lotions by hand usually results in excessive amounts being absorbed by the skin. Excessive amounts applied in a single application can give an orange glow to the skin. Our sunless solution assures that all areas of the body get a uniform coating of the solution in the exact quantity required in producing a golden brown tan.

What about people with fair skin that has never been able to tan?

Our sunless airbrush was designed specifically for individuals who cannot or do not want to tan conventionally.

Will it make the user feel sticky like lotions do?

No. Once the solution is air dried by our technician, your skin will feel soft and pliable because of the moisturizing components. It will not feel sticky.

Does the airbrush leave an unpleasant odor on the user?

No, our sunless solution is specially formulated so that has a very pleasant smell.

Does the airbrush cause freckles in people who usually freckle when tanning?

No. There is nothing in the solution that will cause more freckles to break out. In fact, in most cases, freckles and blemishes become less pronounced because the lighter skin areas will darken and reduce the color differentiation between the blemishes and the rest of the skin.

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