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Sun of a Beach is proud to announce the opening of our in-house Health & Beauty salon!

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The Hydration Station™ is an extraordinary experience that combines Hydrofusion™ + LED Light Technology  + Oxygen Science™ skincare + Relaxing Massage Bed…for the ultimate in tan acceleration and skin hydration.

Whether you tan three times a week or once a month, the Hydration Station will protect and prolong the life and quality of your tan while providing an enjoyable, relaxing experience!


How it works

The Hydration prolongs the life of the tan, and protects the skin from dehydration and poor skin tone. By deeply Hydrating the skin with oxygen and special nutrients, you promote a faster, deeper, browner tan.

Steam: Moist heat dilates the pores of the skin, allowing for an improved absorption of products.

Radiant Heat: Our body absorbs radiant heat every day in small doses in the form of sunlight. Our technology harnesses radiant heat energy, which works naturally with the body to aid in product absorption.

Oxygen Science™ Concentrates* are added to the steam to moisturize the skin with special botanicals, minerals, and liquid vitamins for active skin care.





Results You Can Expect!

– Darker UV tanning results in just one session

– Even, flawless UV FREE sunless results that last days longer

– Will enhance Mystic Tan results dramatically and last days longer

– Deep and even product application and penetration

– Advanced absorption of nutrients & active ingredients

– Smooth, supple, baby soft skin for up to 8 days

– Improved appearance of skin tonality

– Burns up to 300 calories per session

– 30 minute session for skin rejuvenation and spa quality relaxation

– 30 minute session increases metabolism and reduces water weight

Teeth whitening, sometimes known as “bleaching”, is a common dental procedure. According to the FDA, “whitening” restores natural tooth color and “bleaching” whitens beyond the natural color. There are many different ways to do this. We strongly believe that our L.E.D.-accelerated carbamide peroxide trays are the best teeth whitening method.

The carbamide peroxide we use reacts with water to form hydrogen peroxide. Carbamide peroxide has about a third of the strength of hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide penetrates pores of the tooth’s enamel and breaks down stain deposits in the dentin. Our 15-minute system uses the power of a blue L.E.D. light to accelerate this process.

– Results last 6-12 months

– 2-8 shades whiter guaranteed!


Whats included in your kit:




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